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About Our Facility

Our goal is to treat every patient individually. Patient’s lifestyle, occupational and recreational interests are all different; therefore, these need to be carefully factored into their treatment plans. {Read More Here}

Our Mission

We are a privately owned and operated outpatient physical therapy clinic specializing in orthopedic physical therapy. Our philosophy is to serve our community with genuine care, compassion, and professionalism. We emphasize personal and progressive physical therapy.

Our professional staff offers a wide range of knowledge, special interests, and expertise in the field of physical therapy.

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It’s Your Choice!

It’s Your Choice!! You can choose your provider… Whether you independently choose to attend physical therapy or if your physician recommends it, YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPY PROVIDER. Ask them to refer you to Institute of Physical Therapy and Fitness in Lewiston Idaho! {Read More Here}

Affordable Care

>> Everyone Deserves Great Care

>> Specialty Insurances Accepted

>> We Offer Payment Plans

Our goal is to make PT affordable for everyone. We will work with you any way we can.

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Education is a huge part of physical therapy; it is key to understanding “what is going on”, “what caused it” and “what YOU can do to avoid it from coming back”. In our Education section, we offer several education tools to help you find your way; or you can click on the links to the left to learn about specific topics, or follow the link below to reach our education library.
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