Bicycles are one of the most popular vehicles used. They are used for transport as well as for recreation or fitness. Cycling is a very popular activity, but can cause injury if people do not prepare their bike or body. Adjusting the bike to fit you ergonomically is crucial in avoiding repetitive strain injuries and other cumulative trauma injuries.

Apart from ergonomic design of bicycles, adequate warm-up, stretching and shoe design must be considered. When buying a bike, consider your cycling posture.


Not everyone who sells you a bike knows how to ‘fit you’ properly on the bike. You’ll have a responsibility to adjust your own bike to suit your body and comfort while maintaining a healthy posture to prevent injury.

If you already have some problems with your elbows, neck or back, a good idea is to re-consider the bike you are currently riding or about to buy. Put simply, it may not be the best bike for you.

Bicycling ergonomics are crucially important if you have wrist and elbow problems and you should not participate in mountain biking because it places too much stress on your hands and arms.

For neck or back problems, sport/touring or racing bicycles are not recommended. Instead, choose a hybrid bike that will seat you upright and relieve the strain on your neck and back.

Physical therapy can be a huge help in preventing or correcting the ergonomic deficiencies that are leading to your aches and pains. Physical therapy can also help prepare you for a healthy riding season by identifying areas that are prone to injury due to weakness or flexibility issues.

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