Provides structural support for the body and serves as an anchor points for ligaments and tendons.


Ligaments are non-elastic tissues which connect one bone to another bone giving our body structure its stability. When frequently or severely injured, ligaments become “stretched out” causing the joint to become loose or more unstable. Ligaments have a poor blood supply so have a tendency to heal more slowly than other tissues. Injuries to ligaments are called “sprains”.


Tendons are elastic tissues that connect a muscle to a bone.


Muscles are elastic tissues. Muscles and tendons work together to create the body’s motion. Injuries to muscles and tendons are called “strains”.


Cartilage is the spongy material that lines the ends of the bones. It works as the body’s “shock absorber”, helping to cushion the impact placed upon the bones during activity as well as directly protecting the ends of the bones. This is called articular cartilage.


Bursa are fluid filled sacs that lie between tissues or tissues and bones preventing friction.


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