Physical Therapy Benefits | Treatments | Long Term Results


RESULTS are very important to us at the Institute of Physical Therapy and Fitness. Our aim is to get every patient the best outcome in addition to suppress future healthcare costs. One of our Founding Principles is to pull out all the stops to achieve excellent results. There are two aspects of a result that we strive for:


  1. Long Term Results
    By having a well designed, progressive treatment plan a patient should have long lasting results. This will help suppress future health care costs by decreasing the incidence of re injury. It is very common to see that some patients are sometimes treated 2-3 times over their lives for the same thing. This is very time consuming and expensive. It is our goal to address this. We say, Do it right and do it once.
  2. Maximal Functional Results
    We want each patient to leave physical therapy in better physical health than before their injury. We don’t just want you feeling good, we want you to be able to fully participate in all those activities that you enjoy and to feel safe doing them…protecting your active life style.


How Do We Do This?




Individualized Plan: This plan is specific to you. Specific to your pain condition and to your lifestyle (recreational and occupational).


Home Exercise Program: You will be given a Home Exercise Program to make sure that you get as much exposure to physical therapy as possible, helping your body recover in the shortest period of time.


Discharge Criteria: We have a specific discharge criteria. It will ensure that once done with physical therapy, you are maximally functional, positioning yourself to resume your active life style without fear of re injury.


Treating the “Problem”: Pain is “problematic”, but it is not the problem. At the Institute of Physical Therapy and Fitness your therapist will identify the underlying problem that is causing your pain and create a specific treatment plan to handle it. This greatly decreases the chance of re occurrence.


Free Follow-ups: After your discharge from physical therapy, your therapist will follow up with you throughout the year to ensure that you are doing well. They will advance your Home Exercise Program so that your health continues to improve.